Educational Visits to the Colorado Music Hall Of Fame

Where: The Trading Post At Red Rocks (just east of the main stage)

Cost: Free

Hours: 9 am to 4 pm with longer hours on concert days

Open: Monday-Sunday


There are two separate museums at Red Rocks:

The Visitors Center at the top (west) that celebrates the park itself and the international artists who have played here.

The Colorado Music Hall of Fame museum located in the Trading Post where we celebrate Colorado’s musicians, individuals, and institutions from John Denver to KBCO, Pretty Lights to Judy Collins.

The singer/songwriter Jewel once said that, to some, musical education is a privilege, while for others like her it’s something essential to being human.

We agree wholeheartedly, and at the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, we celebrate all those who have enriched humanity and culture throughout the world by paying tribute to the influences that have derived from the Centennial State. Part of our mission is education because we all believe (the Board, staff, and inductees) that the Hall represents a guide-post for up-and-coming young musicians that says, “We did it, and so can you!”

Featured image: Petra Lasovska/Shutterstock

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