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Red Rocks: The Concert Years



In 1906, Denver’s Pietro Satriano and his 25-piece brass band became the first musical act to perform at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, then christened the Garden of the Titans. Over a century later, Denver is a must-stop for every nationally touring act, and Red Rocks, set deep into the towering red rocks of Morrison, Colorado, is heralded as America’s most important outdoor music venue. From the Grateful Dead to Willie Nelson, every star in the musical galaxy has aspired to play on this special and magical stage.

Red Rocks: The Concert Years presents a comprehensive history of what came to be considered one of the Natural Wonders of the World, thanks to the combination of natural aesthetics and acoustics, as impressive to the eyes as to the ears. Colorado Music Hall of Fame director and author G. Brown presents over 200 interviews with an array of performers, from the late Jerry Garcia and Dave Matthews to Bono and Paul McCartney, as well as the most detailed accounts to date of the legendary Beatles show in 1964, Bruce Springsteen’s first outdoor concert ever in 1978, and U2’s career-making 1983 video shoot.

Richly illustrated, this well-crafted coffee-table book includes hundreds of images from leading photographers in the area, supplemented by historical photos from the libraries of the major daily newspapers, historical societies, and private collections.

Foreword by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Carlos Santana.

It’s true—of all the places in the world to play, Red Rocks is the greatest venue. And I know I speak for my bandmates and many of my fellow artists when I say that there is no better qualified journalist to record its storied history than G. Brown.

—David Crosby

Colorado’s Rock Chronicles



The Astronauts, a landlocked 1960s surf band from Boulder, outsold the rival Beach Boys in Japan. Joe Walsh wrote his signature tune “Rocky Mountain Way” in the mountains of Boulder County. Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Leftover Salmon, and String Cheese Incident gave rise to a rootsy community. 30H!3, the Fray, Flobots, OneRepublic, and other breakout stars fueled today’s scene.

These and dozens of other confident young artists came to define Colorado’s amazing and diverse musical legacy as the Centennial State grew from a blip on the national music radar screen to a can’t-miss destination for rock ‘n’ roll’s most prominent acts. G. Brown, a fixture in the Colorado rock scene as both a writer and a radio personality, witnessed it all. Over decades, he searched through every library, historical society, newspaper morgue, and private collection to compile materials for Colorado’s Rock Chronicles, published by the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.

CMHOF director and author Brown takes the reader on a band-by-band tour of Colorado’s most memorable moments, from John Denver’s Rocky Mountain highs to Van Halen’s dressing-room-trashing lows. In all, Brown chronicles 60 years of musicians who have passed through Colorado, recounting the escapades of such international stars as Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, and U2, along with homegrown talents like Firefall, the Samples, and Poco.

Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of rare performer photographs, this beautifully produced coffee-table book honors those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Colorado’s music.

An encyclopedic look at seven decades of music in Colorado!
“The Centennial state’s rock bible…” –

G. Brown’s Colorado’s Rock Chronicles is an exhaustive, informative, colorful and highly entertaining journey to the center of the state’s music scene and its people, who over the last 60 years have earned Top 10 status on the U.S. and international industry and creative charts.

Anyone who has been anybodyplus a wide range of insiders, outsiders, hangers-on and odd ballsin Denver, Boulder, the Rocky Mountains and everywhere in between shows up in this encyclopedic, panoramic, photo-rich and crisply edited tour de force that will summon all sorts of memories in anyone who has followed rock, jazz, Americana, folk and other kinds of music in Colorado since the 1950s.

Indeed, Brown, who has been Colorado’s leading music writer since the 1970s, serves up a fact-filled, anecdotally spiced backstage look at all the heavy hittersfrom the Astronauts, John Denver and Joe Walsh to Stephen Stills, Judy Collins, Big Head Todd and other iconsas well as at talented folks like Katy Moffatt, who fell just short of famedom, and today’s stars and up-and-comers, like Boulder’s Otis Taylor and Denver’s Lumineers.

In short, Colorado’s Rock Chronicles is a page-turning hullabaloo of sophisticated historical research; illuminating biography; eye-popping tales of rock ‘n’ roll lore; and recollections from the players themselves. It’s an ambitious, wide-ranging volume that will make you laugh out loud, bring you to tears, mutter “I never knew that” many times over, and send you away one happy, hipper and very-satisfied reader.

Bob Diddlebock is a Denver-based journalist who has covered the West for Time magazine, and Inc,

Telluride Bluegrass Festival – The First Forty Years



The “newgrass” genre was created by a generation of young musicians (Sam Bush and New Grass Revival, John Hartford, Peter Rowan, Tim O’Brien, etc.) who loved both traditional bluegrass and the rock music of their peers. In the 1970s, they came together in the beauty of the Colorado mountains for a party and a legendary musical ferment—a seminal precursor to the modern Americana movement. The Telluride Bluegrass Festival is now heralded as one of the world’s most important outdoor festivals, a must-stop for every star in the musical galaxy.

Now the Colorado Music Hall of Fame announces the publication of Telluride Bluegrass Festival – The First Forty Years. For the past decade, CMHOF director and author G. Brown has searched through every library, historical society, newspaper morgue and private collection to compile materials for this complete history, which contains hundreds of images from leading photographers, and over 100 interviews with an array of performers and members of the community.

Telluride Bluegrass Festival – The First Forty Years, published by the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, is a feast. The photo collection alone is banquet enough—baby-faced versions of Bela Fleck and Chris Daniels grinning at each other over their instruments; 20-somethings John Hartford and Sam Bush and Tim O’Brien and John Cowan rocking our world; the posters from every single year. Author G. Brown devotes a deeply-researched section to each of the forty years, including daily lineups and rich insider backstage snippets that put you smack dab in the middle of Colorado’s seminal music festival. The book is stuffed with quotes and other observations from the awed and grateful musicians who have played at and fallen in love with TBF. Brown’s book is an important chronicle of a uniquely Colorado event. Best of all, the proceeds go to the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, the flamekeeper of Colorado’s deep, longstanding and vibrant music scene. Reading this book makes me happy, once again, that I chose to spend my life in Colorado.

–Meredith Carson, KGNU radio

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