Mental Wellness in Colorado’s Music Community

To support a healthy music community, The Hall has launched Keep The Beat, a mental wellness program to raise awareness, provide resources, and de-stigmatize the conversation around mental health and addiction within the music industry. With mental health issues and addiction dependence soaring across the globe, the music industry has certainly not been immune.

After the pandemic shut down our music industry for a previously unimaginable amount of time, the Colorado Music Hall of Fame decided that we could do more to support our local musicians, gig workers, stagehands, and industry personnel. Keep The Beat was born to raise awareness about mental wellness and share free and low-cost resources with Colorado’s music industry.

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Did you know…

Of musicians and industry workers surveyed by MusicCares in 2021:

56 percent felt moderately high to very high levels of anxiety most days

20 percent experienced moderate to severe levels of depression

38 percent couldn’t afford therapy and therefore did not get treatment

(Wellness in Music Survey conducted by the Recording Academy’s charitable arm, MusiCares)

How does Colorado rank in mental wellness?


The worst of all states for appropriate access to care for adults suffering from mental health, substance abuse and suicidal ideation.

(State of Mental Health in America, 2022)


Highest suicide mortality rate in the country

(Centers for Disease Control, 2020)


Higher than the national average of adults reporting drug and alcohol use disorders

(SAMHSA, 2019)

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