Red Rocks: The Concert Years


A history of the Red Rocks Amphitheatre over its first 110 years, Red Rocks: The Concert Years shares backstage stories of world-famous headliners and full-page photographs of some of the most outstanding shows on the iconic stage. From The Beatles legendary show in 1964 to Bruce Springsteen’s first-ever outdoor concert to U2’s 1983 performance captured in a music video that catapulted Red Rocks to the status of an international phenomenon, this stunning coffee-table book published by the Colorado Music Hall of Fame will capture the attention of music lovers and music historians alike. 288 pages, published in 2016 by Colorado Music Hall of Fame.

“Red Rocks is not just dirt and stones and sky. It’s a temple, a shrine. It’s the same setting that the Greeks performed in at the beginning of civilization, and it definitely has the sacred American Indian spirit – you can feel the vibe. There is nothing like playing at Red Rocks under a full moon. Anything can happen!” –
Carlos Santana, from the foreword of Red Rocks: The Concert Years.

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