Judy Collins, Serendipity Singers, Bob Lind, Chris Daniels Exhibit

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Judy Collins exhibit features:

• Dress worn by Judy Collins onstage in the early 1970s

• Blue ribbon award from American Film Festival in New York City

• Judy Collins albums in different formats: LP, 8-track, cassette and open reel

• The Judy Collins Songbook (1969), containing autobiographical writings along with the sheet music


Serendipity Singers exhibit features:

• Tickets for the group’s performances on Hootenanny and The Ed Sullivan Show; sheet music for the “Closing” sequence of the Hullabaloo show

• Sheet music for the hit singles “Don’t Let the Rain Come Down (Crooked Little Man)” and “Beans in My Ears”

• Program and song album

• Crooked Little Man French EP


Bob Lind exhibit features:

• Caricature of Kim King by artist Llloyd Kavich

• Don’t Be Concerned LP; Band Box Studios demo; The Elusive Bob Lind LP

• Hardcover edition of poetry book (1971)

BOB LIND exhibit panel

Chris Daniels exhibit features:

• Shirt worn by Chris Daniels at the 1976 Telluride Bluegrass Festival

• NBN “R-2” guitar built in 1971

• 1982 monthly planner

CHRIS DANIELS exhibit panel

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