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The Hall presents 2024-2026 Strategic Plan

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Colorado Music Hall of Fame has expanded its purpose in its second decade and is poised to serve as the cultural champion of Colorado music. After experiencing the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the music industry, The Hall has redefined its mission with the goal of ensuring that Colorado has a vibrant music culture for years to come.

Over the next two years, The Hall will be adding programming that stretches beyond celebrating the past to promoting and supporting Colorado’s music industry today and in the future. This expansion includes music tourism, promotion, advocacy and a mini-grant program to help Colorado’s music community with mental health and addiction support. And we will continue to offer programming that is accessible to all.

It has been through strategic public and private partnerships and a dedicated board of directors that The Hall has been able to achieve what we have over the past 13 years. Today, the activation, engagement and commitment from The Hall’s board leadership is stronger than ever. Our decision-making has evolved and uses a lens focused on diversity, inclusion and accessibility. The partnerships we are forging are expansive and representative of the entire state of Colorado, not just the Denver metro area. We see so much opportunity to make Colorado “The Music State.” The Hall is prepared to lead this charge.

We are confident in The Hall’s path and vision, and proud of the progress we have made during our first decade. We are even more excited about the impact that The Hall will make on Colorado’s music industry and music fans as we follow our new 2024-2026 Strategic Plan.

Join us in celebrating, promoting and supporting Colorado’s music community!

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