Celebrating Black History Month: An Interview with Freddi Gowdy

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By Connor Lukes, University of Denver Journalism Intern: We catch up with the 2019 Hall of Fame Inductee and honoree for Black History Month Freddi Gowdi, founding member of the Freddi-Henchi Band alongside the late Marvin “Henchi” Graves. From growing up poor in the projects to performing overseas, Gowdy humbly shares his experiences as a […]

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Colorado Artist Spotlight: The Czars

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Colorado has been home to many legendary bands, including The Czars. The band formed in Denver in 1994, developing a sound that’s been classified as “slowcore, dream pop” and also under the catchall “alternative rock.” But the sound might best be described as a cross between 1970s Moody Blues and The Wallflowers. The Czars released… Continue reading Colorado Artist Spotlight: The Czars

Who Is Joe Walsh?

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If you’ve ever listened to “Hotel California” and marveled at the incredible guitar solos, you have heard the genius of Joe Walsh and Don Felder improvising together on the iconic 1976 recording. But while Walsh’s time with the Eagles was his longest stint with any one band, his musical career started much earlier. Joseph Fidler… Continue reading Who Is Joe Walsh?

Zephyr: The True Story of a Colorado Legend

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Anyone who ever saw Candy Givens perform with Zephyr in 1969, or through the band’s years when it released albums on ABC, Warner Bros., Red Sneakers, BGO, and One Way-Casablanca Records all the way into the 1980s, never forgot the vocal power and sheer energy of her presence.  She was simply “a force of nature,”… Continue reading Zephyr: The True Story of a Colorado Legend

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