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All Donations Matched—Up to $100,000!!!

Make a tax-deductible donation today!

The Hall has an amazing announcement! Scott Tobias, our board co-chair, and his wife Jane, are donating $100,000 to The Hall! But there’s a challenge…they want to see it matched by donations from all of you! Every donation made will be matched 100%, one-to-one, until we reach $100,000. The thermometer on this page shows the progress we’ve already made.

Hear from Scott, below, as to why he chose to make this generous investment in Colorado’s music community.

Dear Colorado music fan,

I am writing to you today with exciting news, and a challenge. As one of The Hall’s founders, I have been dedicated to this organization for 12 years and counting, serving as board co-chair for the past five years. I am more enthusiastic and prouder about the direction in which The Hall is headed than I have ever been before–so much so that my wife, Jane, and I are making a $100,000 gift to The Hall.

This is where the challenge comes in.

I would like to see my $100,000 donation matched by donations made by our community and my fellow board members. I hope that we can count on you to help us reach this challenge match goal by making a tax-deductible donation to Colorado Music Hall of Fame this season. Donations of all sizes are genuinely appreciated and will collectively aid us in reaching our goal.

I see my gift—and your match— as an opportunity to recover from the pandemic’s impact on our nonprofit organization and catapult it into the next iteration of service to Colorado’s music community. The activation, engagement and commitment from my fellow board members have been stronger than ever and is one of the reasons I am so confident in The Hall’s path and vision.

Let me share more about the direction the organization is headed. Last year, we adopted our new mission, after focusing the first 11 years on Hall of Fame inductions and sharing Colorado’s music history through exhibits. The goal of the mission shift was to evolve beyond these celebratory activities and serve as the cultural champion of Colorado music.

This year, The Hall has branched out to do more to promote Colorado’s music community, with expanded goals for 2024. My company, Voice Media Group, designed, pro bono, a completely new and improved website for The Hall. My fellow board member, RD Sewald, established additional pro bono partnerships with billboard companies across the state, and Colorado Tourism Office helped to connect The Hall to an ad agency to design those billboards, also for free.

We also launched a program to support Colorado’s music community, which was one of the most impacted industries by the pandemic. Keep The Beat is a mental wellness initiative to raise awareness, provide resources, and de-stigmatize the conversation around mental health and addiction within Colorado’s music industry.

With my donation, and hopefully yours, The Hall will add a mini-grant program to provide music industry professionals in Colorado with crisis counseling sessions to support them as they struggle with mental health or addiction. The Hall will launch the mini-grant program in May 2024 during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Colorado Music Hall of Fame will continue to host community events, inductions and concerts, as we’ve always done. But now we are also committed to ensuring that at least one event per year is free and accessible to all.

Music has been a part of my DNA for my entire life, and it has been a key part of my business for the past 30 years. Music is the bond we all share. I want us to let the rest of the country in on the fact that Colorado is the Music State. We have the history. We have the world’s most visited venue, Red Rocks. We have the talent. And we have the fans.

I hope you will participate in my challenge by making a donation to Colorado Music Hall of Fame today:

Together, let’s make great things happen for our music community in 2024 and beyond.

Thank you and happy holidays,

Scott Tobias
Board Co-Chair and Founding Member, Colorado Music Hall of Fame
President & CEO, Voice Media Group