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Make a meaningful impact on the legacy of Colorado music and history by becoming an introductory or patron member of Colorado Music Hall of Fame. By making a meaningful annual contribution, you can play a pivotal role in preserving the past, present, and future of music in Colorado.

With your support, our facility can continue to honor our state’s storied musical history and build a widespread appreciation for music, all through the power of education. From expanding exhibits and securing historic artifacts to leading community programming and planning local events, Colorado Music Hall of Fame can do all this and more through the generosity of our members and patrons. And to show our appreciation for your support, Colorado Music Hall of Fame grants our members and patrons exclusive benefits.

Colorado Music Hall of Fame Introductory Members

Has your love for Colorado music and history inspired you to become part of our state’s music community? As a member of Colorado Music Hall of Fame, you’ll be joining a community of music lovers who want to be sure that our state’s musical history is known for generations to come. Because of your donations, we will be able to continue welcoming guests of all ages, sparking a passion for music and a respect for the industry’s most iconic talents.

In addition to the knowledge that you’re part of the music and arts community in Colorado, becoming a Colorado Music Hall of Fame member will also provide you with an array of benefits.

Monthly E-Newsletter

Stay up-to-date on all the latest museum news and upcoming events with our monthly e-newsletter, conveniently delivered directly to your email inbox. Every month, you’ll receive information about special performances, featured exhibits, and more.

Discounted Pricing on Exclusive Collectors’ Books

Bring your Colorado Hall of Fame experience home with a collector’s item coffee table book, all while taking advantage of your 25% discount as a museum member. “Colorado’s Rock Chronicles” and “Telluride Bluegrass Festival – The First Forty Years” each combine stories and photographs to depict the many fascinating parts of Colorado music history. Both books will be available in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame online store, which will be opening soon.

Members-Only Online Group, “Friends of Colorado Music Hall of Fame”

Connect with fellow music lovers and history buffs in our members-only Facebook group, “Friends of Colorado Music Hall of Fame.” Through group discussions, video and photo sharing and more, you can interact with other museum members. Plan group outings to the museum or an upcoming performance, converse about your favorite concert experiences, or share resources, all from a convenient exclusive online platform.

Access to Ticket Pre-Sales

Once we are able to produce events again, members will have the option to pre-purchase tickets So you can be sure that you never miss another great induction concert or Hall of Fame event. Beat the rush and avoid the disappointment of a sold-out event by securing your tickets before they even go on sale to the public.

How to Become a Member of the Colorado Music Hall of Fame

Becoming an introductory member is simple, and costs as low as $50 per year (minimum donation per person). We will put your membership fee directly back into the museum, facilitating future programming, exhibits, expansions, and more.

Colorado Music Hall of Fame Patrons

For those with a deep dedication to keeping the state’s musical legacy alive, a patron-level membership can be a wonderful way to honor Colorado’s music heritage. Your contribution will have an impact that lasts for generations, supporting our mission to celebrate and share the greatest moments and talents in Colorado music history. Every time you visit Colorado Music Hall of Fame, you can take pride in knowing that you have directly contributed to the future generations’ appreciation for music.

As a patron of Colorado Music Hall of Fame, you will enjoy all of the benefits of a member, plus more.

A Free Collector’s Item Book

In addition to all members’ benefits noted above, patrons are gifted a free copy of one of the two Colorado Music Hall of Fame books. Choose from “Colorado’s Rock Chronicles” or “Telluride Bluegrass Festival – The First Forty Years,” two stunning publications that capture the true art of music history in Colorado.

How to Become a Patron of the Colorado Music Hall of Fame

For a $1,000 donation, you can join the ranks of the dedicated patrons of Colorado Music Hall of Fame.

Did You Know? Your Donations and Membership Fees are Tax-Deductible

Because Colorado Music Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID #27-2529106), all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information about deducting your donations to Colorado Music Hall of Fame, please contact your accountant or tax advisor.

Other Ways to Get Involved at the Colorado Music Hall of Fame

In addition to becoming a member of Colorado Music Hall of Fame, there are many other ways that you can get involved and support our efforts to honor the state’s music history.

On behalf of music lovers everywhere, we thank you for your support.