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Judy Collins and the women of Paper Bird

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The CMHOF, a non-profit organization, fetes newly elected Colorado music legends with major fund-raising events to celebrate their inductions and colorful, entertaining exhibits profiling each enshrinee. Chairman Chuck Morris, director G. Brown and an impressive and varied board of directors believe in the power of Colorado rock history to inspire lifelong music fans. The Colorado Music Hall of Fame is establishing a permanent institution in the service of those traditions. Help shape our state’s musical future!



  • Friends of CMHOF commenting on sale of Caribou Ranch... class of 2014 Inductee. Regarding the sale of Caribou Ranch. In my heart it's sad knowing that beautiful piece of history is gone. but will live on in the hearts of everyone who was fortunate enough to be a part of an amazing music phenomenon. Those memories will forever be etched in my heart and I am thankful to have worked for Jimmy and Lucy Guercio. This came from Mark Brown replying to the article posted today: Caribou Ranch has been sold. This article has the figures wrong -- my sources say it went for well above $25 million. http://www.bcbr.com/.../NEWS/140639994/-1/newsletterBreaking That said, I got to visit the ranch one last time two weeks ago to give a tour to the board of directors of the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, which is inducting Caribou Ranch into the hall at a ceremony/concert slated for November. I can say no more than that but to tell you it will be broadcast on a cable TV network and if everything pans out it is not to be missed. And again, my jaw dropped. We got to go to Caribou Ranch on a brilliant early June day and spend hours poring through its history. I'm sad it is going away, but I'm thrilled to have spent dozens of hours up there chronicling its history and going through its archives. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. The new owners love the gorgeous land -- but not so much the history -- so they've allowed James William Guercio and family to take all their memorabilia and the rights to the Caribou brand with them. That's a big upside. The downside is that the actual ranch will never be open to the public (not that it was before). Truly the end of an era. Again, on the upside Caribou Ranch will be a massive exhibit at the Trading Post/Visitors Center at Red Rocks later this year and for years to come, so don't miss it if you come here to Denver. I'm helping to put together the exhibit and the stuff they have is beyond amazing. There will be a website and far, far more later this year. The film footage we shot with Billy Joel, Earth Wind and Fire, Joe Walsh, etc. will become a documentary at some point, possibly only through the planned website. The long-planned coffee-table book is in talks. Everything is in flux. But if you're a fan, watch for big things.