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The Sink: Remembering Herbert Kauvar

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Many members of the Colorado Music Hall of Fame board have a longstanding relationship with Boulder’s iconic restaurant, The Sink, whose former owner, Herbert Kauvar, passed away on October 24, 2020, at the age of 93.

“I became friendly with Herbie when I stopped by the Sink after I left Norlin Library. One day I told him I had dropped out of CU grad school, and he offered me a job managing the Sink….I started booking local bands in the back room and upstairs in the pool hall. After hearing their rehearsals, I booked the second show ever of Flash Cadillac in the back room of the Sink on a Friday afternoon and paid them all they could drink. That show broke every record for beer sales and they went on to a great career… Thanks to Herbie’s faith in me, my career really got started — and for that I will always be grateful.”

Chuck Morris, Founder of Colorado Music Hall of Fame; Chairman Emeritus, AEG Presents Rocky Mountains; Chairman, Music Business Dept., Colorado State University

“I worked for Herb in the early ’70s when I was a student at CU…He was such a nice man and a wonderful boss. My mom and dad had their first date at the Sink! That was long before Herb’s time.”

Kathie Broyles, Board member, Colorado Music Hall of Fame; Owner, Broyles Creative; Senior Vice President & Creative Director (retired), CBS

“When my dad brought me to the CU campus in Boulder back in the 70’s, we took a walk up to the Hill. We passed by the Sink, and my dad said “Stay here” and walked inside for thirty seconds. When he came back out, he said, “You don’t ever have to go here!” When he left to head back home to New Jersey, the Sink was the first place I went off-campus!”

Phil Lobel, Board member, Colorado Music Hall of Fame; Founder & Chairman, Lobeline Communications

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