Barnstorm & Joe Walsh

InducteeTile Barnstorm

Best known for what he once called the “national anthem of Colorado,” Joe Walsh came out to Colorado from Cleveland in the early 1970s. The success of his band the James Gang, with hits like “Funk #49” and “Walk Away,” and in his solo career was largely due to his friendship with legendary producer Bill Szymczyk, who also worked with B.B. King, the Eagles, the J. Geils Band and others.


spotlight etown

Founded by Nick and Helen Forster in 1991, eTown is a live, music-based radio show recorded in front of an audience but with a new twist.

George Morrison Sr.

Admirers of George Morrison Sr., of which there are many, feel he is to Denver jazz what Louis Armstrong was to the sound of New Orleans. But while Morrison, appropriately referred to as “Denver’s godfather of Jazz,”

Bill Frisell

Inductee Tiles 0005 Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell released a new album, Four, on Blue Note Records, described by the record label as “a stunning 13-track meditation on loss, renewal and friendships.” Four is dedicated to fellow Hall of Famer and good friend, Ron Miles, who passed away earlier this year.

Otis Taylor

Inductee Tiles 0041 Otis Taylor

Otis Taylor was born in Chicago in 1948 but grew up in Denver. His parents were both jazz fans. “My dad worked for the railroad and knew a lot of jazz people. He was a socialist and a real bebopper,” Taylor recalls. His mother loved everything from Etta James to Pat Boone. The first instrument Taylor learned to play was the banjo.