Colorado Artist Spotlight: 3OH!3

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3OH!3 came together in Boulder in 2004 during the Myspace cultural revolution. Founding members Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte named the electronic music duo after the area code that once covered all of Colorado, and what started as a way to entertain friends at parties soon grew into a musical phenomenon. From the release of… Continue reading Colorado Artist Spotlight: 3OH!3

Listen up, Colorado!

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Colorado’s music scene is about much more than its famous musicians: Without the support of music-minded businesses, this state’s award-winning scene might never have developed. ListenUp’s Beginnings Definitely deserving the status of best-supporting player, ListenUp has been an intrinsic part of the scene for almost five decades. The business got its start in 1972, when… Continue reading Listen up, Colorado!

Colorado Artist Spotlight: The Fray

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The Fray is a pop-rock group that made a name for itself around the globe within the span of just a few years in the 2000s. Led by Isaac Slade’s piano, power-ballad sound and songwriting, and distinctive vocals, the group eventually claiming double-platinum status in four countries and establishing a huge presence on the world… Continue reading Colorado Artist Spotlight: The Fray

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7 Things to Know About the Grateful Dead in Colorado

Deadheads know that the Grateful Dead, icons of rock, got their start in San Francisco, but the Dead also have a storied history in Colorado. The Grateful Dead’s Colorado legend began at a simple Denver venue in 1967; they would go on to play at all of Colorado’s most legendary venues and stadiums. Take a… Continue reading 7 Things to Know About the Grateful Dead in Colorado

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The Mission Ballroom

What may be the best live music club in Colorado will have its grand opening on August 7. During its opening weeks, the Mission Ballroom will host everyone from George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelia to 2019 multi-Grammy-winning country songstress Brandi Carlile. As the focal point of the new North Wynkoop development in Denver, the Mission… Continue reading The Mission Ballroom

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Who Is Joe Walsh?

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If you’ve ever listened to “Hotel California” and marveled at the incredible guitar solos, you have heard the genius of Joe Walsh and Don Felder improvising together on the iconic 1976 recording. But while Walsh’s time with the Eagles was his longest stint with any one band, his musical career started much earlier. Joseph Fidler… Continue reading Who Is Joe Walsh?

Colorado Has Inspired Many Famous Musicians and Artists

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If you happened to venture out to Herman’s Hideaway in the 1980s, you might have caught Big Head Todd & The Monsters before their big break with Giant Records. Similarly, if you had found your way to the Meadowlark on “open mic night” around 2010, you might have caught The Lumineers debuting their new song,… Continue reading Colorado Has Inspired Many Famous Musicians and Artists

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Hickenlooper Has a Winning Soundtrack for his Campaign

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On March 4, former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper made it official: He’s running for president. He joined an already crowded Democratic field, but as Hickenlooper’s March 7 kickoff rally at Denver’s Civic Center Park showed, he’s got a winning soundtrack for his campaign. The rally included performances by local singers SuCh and Mary Louise Lee,… Continue reading Hickenlooper Has a Winning Soundtrack for his Campaign

Zephyr: The True Story of a Colorado Legend

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Anyone who ever saw Candy Givens perform with Zephyr in 1969, or through the band’s years when it released albums on ABC, Warner Bros., Red Sneakers, BGO, and One Way-Casablanca Records all the way into the 1980s, never forgot the vocal power and sheer energy of her presence.  She was simply “a force of nature,”… Continue reading Zephyr: The True Story of a Colorado Legend

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Who Was John Denver?

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A legendary artist whose love for the state of Colorado shines through the lyrics of his music, John Denver was a creative visionary and one of the most beloved singer-songwriters of his time. His imaginative mind and peaceful spirit still influence millions today through the legacy of his music. Starting Out in the Music Industry… Continue reading Who Was John Denver?

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